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Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Descriptions
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Standing Committees

Nominating Committee:

This committee is comprised of three members that are elected for a three year term. It is responsible for the identification, presentation, and coordination of voting for open positions in the National Council. The positions which require a vote are as follows: Vice-President, President-elect, Membership Secretary, Recording and Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Nominating Committee, and Member of the Omega Committee.


Fellowships Committee:

The National Fellowships Coordinator, the head of this committee, is appointed by the president and serves a three year term. The coordinator recruits members for the committee. The Fellowship Committee advertises and receives fellowship applications, identifies reviewers, ensures that the review process is complete and fair for all applications, and make recommendations to the National Council regarding the number and amount of the fellowship awards.

Honorary Membership Awards Committee:

This committee has at least three members who are appointed by the president for a term of three years. The Honorary Membership Award is for women in science that have made a difference in research or education. The committee is responsible for calling for nominations, assessing each candidate, and presenting them to the National Council and Grand Chapter.

Parliamentary Committee:

The members of this committee are appointed by the president for a three year term. This committee examines any proposed amendments to or revisions of the National Constitution and Bylaws for validity and makes any necessary editorial changes. It also makes parliamentary decisions if needed at any National meeting.

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee consists of the President-elect, the Vice-President, a designated Director, a member at large, and the Treasurer. This committee prepares the annual budget and presents it to National Council and Grand Chapter. The members are also responsible for interacting with the investment team and help to manage endowments.

Resolutions Committee:

The resolutions committee is managed by the five board of directors. The Directors originate resolutions and review those resolutions proposed by the National Council. They also make nominations for the National Service Award.

Membership Committee:

This committee has at least three members, which are appointed by the president, serve three year terms. They are responsible for recruiting new members, retaining current members, and assisting the chapters in membership relations. The membership committee also maintains contact with inactive chapters and shares progress reports with National Council on the state of each chapter.

Public Relations Committee:

This committee consists of at least three members that are appointed by the president and serve for three years. This committee is responsible for highlighting the programs and achievements of GWIS and its members to all the branches of news, media, and the scientific community. Such highlights should include chapter-hosted symposia, Fellowships winners, Honorary awards, as well as achievements of individual members.

Editorial Board:

The Board consists of the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Recording and Corresponding Secretary, and the Editor. They are responsible for establishing policy and be responsible for selection of material for publications. They are responsible for the organization's publications.

Technology Committee:

This committee has at least three members that are appointed by the president for a term of three years. They are responsible for maintaining the organization’s main website. This includes updating the website to include current events, documents, job opportunities, networking, and any other information that will promote the organization.

Development Committee:

This committee has at least three members, appointed by the president, who serve a term of three years. This committee aids in the development of sustainable, long-term financial resources for GWIS by providing recommendations regarding revenue-generating plans, both earned income-based and fundraising-based.

Ad Hoc

National Meeting Coordinating Committee:

This committee is composed of the active members of the chapter sponsoring the annual meeting in June. The meeting coordinator, chosen by the sponsoring chapter, shall be responsible for all the planning and execution of the national meeting. The meeting coordinating committee shall assist the coordinator in all aspects of the meeting arrangements.



This committee will help evaluate GWIS programs in order to ensure everything we do fits with our values of inclusivity and equity. The group will also work with other committees to implement guidelines and develop programs to create a welcoming and anti-racist environment. 


Media Committee:

This committee is chaired by the Editor. Committee members take part in producing GWIS publications (the News Digest, Connect, Lead, and Empower newsletters).


Mentoring and Outreach committee:

This committee hosts month Coffee & Conversation webinars with prominent women scientists on a variety of topics, included work/life balance and career development. Committee members are responsible for interviewing these amazing women for GWIS publication. They are also involved with promoting our partnership with Million Women Mentors, 


100 Year Planning Committee:

GWIS is approaching its 100th birthday in 2021 and we want a big event to celebrate! Duties include working on the 100th anniversary history and help the host chapter plan the 2021 GWIS National Meeting.


To sign up to serve on a GWIS committee click HERE.

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