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Q? When and where is the GWIS National meeting? 
 The GWIS National meeting is held annually in June and hosted by a local chapter. Information about the upcoming National Meeting can be found here.
 Q?  How can GWIS help my career?
 A.  We have online fellowship information, contact information for local chapters to facilitate networking, and are affiliated with AAAS, the largest American science society.
 Q?  How is GWIS different from AWIS?
 A.  Since women were commonly banned from mainstream scientific societies, GWIS was formed in 1921 primarily as a fraternal organization to afford women in science the opportunity to interact informally to advance their studies by exchanging ideas about research and methodology, and to advance their own careers. The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) was formed in 1971 with the advent of Title IX to ensure equity and full participation of women in science. Both groups work actively to promote the careers of women in science through networking and scholarships, and both have an international outreach component through their affiliations with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Membership in GWIS is restricted to individuals holding at least a bachelor’s degree in some scientific field, while AWIS membership is open to anyone supporting women in science. The concerns of the two organizations’ memberships, therefore, reflect their different makeup.
 Q?  What exactly does GWIS do?
 A.  As part of our efforts to promote the entrance and advancement of women in science, GWIS has a long-standing commitment to fostering the careers of women science professionals. Events at the 20 local chapters across the country provide a forum to discuss members’ interests including research, employment opportunities, science outreach, education, public policy, and more. GWIS chapters also provide women scientist judges for science fairs, thus providing role models for young students. At the national level, GWIS publishes the Bulletin, a quarterly newsletter and the monthly GWIS News, our monthly e-newsletter. These publications highlighting activities of chapters and members, and provide job, internship and fellowship opportunities. The National organization co-sponsors scientific symposia and other projects with AAAS and other professional organizations; recognizes women who have made exceptional contributions to research or science education by honorary membership; and awards fellowships in support of research and for travel to scientific meetings.
 Q?  What are the benefits of membership?
 A. *To meet other women scientists with diverse backgrounds and interests at local chapter events and at the National meeting.
* To obtain financial assistance in the form of highly competitive GWIS fellowships and grants, which are awarded annually for research, and for travel to scientific meetings.
* To develop leadership and team building skills, essential in today’s workplace.
* To gain insight into balancing personal and professional life.
* To receive quarterly, The Bulletin, the National GWIS newsletter, which highlights activities of chapters and members, and job, internship and fellowship opportunities.
* To receive the GWIS News, our monthly e-newsletter, containing the latest news about activities of chapters and members and grant deadlines.
* To receive a Membership Directory of over 900 members in diverse scientific disciplines.
 Q?  Do I have to be a woman and a scientist in order to be a member of GWIS?
 A.  No, you do not need to be a woman, but must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline to become a member of GWIS. We have an affiliate category for undergrad students, but this category cannot vote or apply for fellowships. Members include graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and professionals in industry, government and higher education. Disciplines are numerous, including the natural and physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science.
 Q?  Who is GWIS?
 A.  GWIS is an interdisciplinary society of over 900 scientists who encourage and support women: 1) to enter and achieve success in science through full participation in their scientific research and its applications 2) in the development and advancement of women 3) in the integration of their careers, personal goals, and society’s needs, and 4) by professional networking and mutual inspiration.
 Q?  How long has GWIS existed?
 A.  GWIS was established in 1921 – just one year after women achieved suffrage – by a group of women graduate students at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, which ultimately became the Alpha chapter. The Beta chapter of GWIS in Madison, WI followed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1922. The newest chapters are Eta Chapter in Chicago area, Iota Chi-University of Iowa-Iowa City, Iowa, and our international Chapter, Iota Nu, with International President in Nigeria.
 Q?  What is GWIS?
 A.  GWIS is the Graduate Women in Science organization. We are a non-profit association that works to advance the participation and recognition of women in science and to foster research through grants, awards, and fellowships
 Q?  Where is GWIS?
 A.  GWIS has 20 chapters throughout the United States and globally; subsequently, there may be a chapter near you. The GWIS National Office is located in St. Paul, MN.

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