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Fellowship FAQs
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Q? Are residents or citizens of countries other than the United States eligible for application for GWIS fellowships?
A. Yes, all women scientists that are conducting research in the natural sciences regardless of nationality are eligible for application for any of the GWIS Fellowships.
Q? May the funds awarded by the GWIS Fellowships be used for research conducted outside of the United States or by a non-U.S. institution?

Yes, all funds awarded by GWIS Fellowships are made to the institution and the research should be conducted in locations proposed in the application, and any location is eligible for scientific research.

Q? Does GWIS offer funding for travel to professional or scientific conferences?

No, the GWIS Fellowships may only be used to fund travel for field or collaborative research expenses. Travel for other purposes is an ineligible expense. GWIS no longer offers specific fellowships for travel to professional conferences.

Q? When will I be notified of the awards of the GWIS Fellowships?

Approval of recommendations of the awards winners is made annually during the June GWIS National meeting. Applicants for GWIS Fellowships can expect to be notified of their award status no later than mid July, 2021 following the GWIS National meeting.

Q? When is the deadline for GWIS Fellowships applications?

The application deadline for all GWIS Fellowships applications is January 11, 2021 at 5:00:00 pm Eastern Time.

Q? May I use the funds from GWIS Fellowships retroactively?

No, the Fellowships Funds may not be used to reimburse research project expenses retroactively.

Q? Are social science researchers eligible for GWIS Fellowships?

GWIS Fellowships are intended to provide supplemental funding to women scientists conducting research in the natural sciences. Fields of social science that use the scientific method are eligible to apply. To be eligible, your research must use the scientific method as described below:


Scientific Method:

Make Observations – Identify a Problem(s)/question(s)
Formulate a Hypothesis
Design an Experimental Protocol
Collect Data
Evaluate Data – Draw Conclusions


***Only hypothesis-driven research is eligible for GWIS Fellowships.

Q? What are the requirements for GWIS Fellowships applications?

First, all applicants must be women scientists who have already completed a bachelor’s degree, and are conducting research in the natural sciences. Second, all applicants are encouraged to become SDE/GWIS member at the time of the application.  For those that are not members, there is a $50 application fee that must be paid in US dollars prior to submission of the application. All applications must be completed and received by the deadline along with the application fee if appropriate.  (January 11, 2021 at 5:00:00 pm Eastern Time).

Q? Will you accept late letters of recommendation?

No, we will not accept any letter of recommendation after the deadline. Make sure your letter writers submit their letters before the deadline and do not hesitate to ask them for confirmation that they have successfully submitted their letters. Only complete applications will be sent out for review.

Q? How many applications were received last year and how many awards were made?

For the 2019-2020 funding cycle, 200 complete applications were received. Seven fellowships were awarded for approximately $50,000.  To see a list of the fellowships awardees, go to current fellowship awardees.

Q?    Is GWIS membership a requirement for application to the GWIS Fellowships? 
A.    No. GWIS Fellowships applicants are not required to be GWIS members, but we encourage membership with no application fee for members. For non-members, the application fee is $50.  Fellowships applicants that are not members must submit the application fee by the application deadline(click here to join). Please note that membership applications can take up to ONE WEEK to be approved.
Q?   Can I apply for a GWIS Fellowship if I have already secured funding for my project? What if I have pending support?
A.   Financial need of research funding is a requirement for the application. No project that has already been fully funded will be eligible for the awards. All pending funding sources must be listed in the application and reviewers will consider these when assessing the financial need of the project.
Q?   How do I review reviewer feedback for my application?
A.   Applicants can view reviewer feedback on the GWIS Fellowships submissions portal. Simply log in, click on the application, and then click on the arrow on the right side of the "Reviewer Feedback" section. The comments associated with each review can be viewed by clicking on the eyes to the right side of the box.
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