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Honorary Members
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All GWIS Honorary Membership Award Recipients

Key: R = Research; E = Education; B = Bette E. Barnes Early Career Scientist Award; C = Certificate for Outstanding Service to Science,   †= deceased;
Year Name Reason Field
2019 Elizabeth Hood, Ph.D.
R Plant Biology
2019 Ellen Ochoa, Ph.D. E NASA Astronaut
2019 Shruti Naik, Ph.D.
B Pathology
2018 Jedidah C. Isler, Ph.D. B Astrophysics
2018 Marigold Linton, Ph.D. E Psychology
2018 Donna J. Nelson, Ph.D. R Chemistry
2017 May R. Berenbaum, Ph.D. R Entomology
2016 Mildred Dresselhaus, Ph.D.† R Physics and Electrical Engineering
2016 Rita Valentino, Ph.D.  R Neuroscience
2013 Edith B. Allen, Ph.D. R Plant Ecology
2011 Madeleine M. Joullié, Ph.D. R Organic Chemistry
2011 M. Rosalind Morris, Ph.D. R Plant Sciences
2011 Jean H. Langenheim, Ph.D. R Plant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2009 Griselda F. Hanlon, D.V.M. † E Veterinary Medicine
2008 Sylvia A.Earle, Ph.D. R Oceanography
2008 Janice V. Meck, Ph.D. R Cardiovascular Physiology
2008 Anne Kopecky Vidaver, Ph.D. E Plant Pathology
2006 Virginia G. Carson, Ph.D. E Physiology
2006 Nancy Hopkins, Ph.D. R Molecular Biology
2003 Ruth Faden, Ph.D., M.P.H. R Bioethics
2001 Ruth Kirchstein, M.D. R Pathology
2001 Isabella Abbott, Ph.D. † R Ethnobiology
2001 Renee Diehl, Ph.D. R Physics
2001 Eva Pell, Ph.D. R Plant Pathology (current US Under Secretary for Science)
2001 Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Ph.D. R Molecular Biology
1999 Patricia Shaffer, Ph.D. E Chemistry
1999 Sue O’Dorisio, M.D., Ph.D. R Pediatric hematology/oncology
1999 Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D. R Neonatology
1999  Susan J. Henning, Ph.D. R Cellular and Molecular Physiology
1995 Dianna A. Redburn, Ph.D. R Opthamology
1995 Lynne Billard, Ph.D. R Statistics
1995 Marjorie Rhodes Townsend R Electrical Engineering
1995 Ellen S. Vitetta, Ph.D. R Cancer Immunology
1995 Ruth Sonntag Nussenzweig, M.D., Ph.D. R Parasitology
1995 Susan B. Horwitz, Ph.D. R Molecular Pharmacology
1994 Edith M. Flanigen R Chemistry
1992 Helen M. Free R Chemistry
1992 Mary Jean Kreek, M.D. R  Biology of Addictive Diseases
1992 Celia Marshak, Ph.D. E Chemistry
1992 Mary Moller E  
1990 Alice Cunningham, Ph.D. E Chemistry
1990 Emily Quinn Pou, Ph.D. † E Family and Consumer Sciences
1990 Rosemary Schraer, Ph.D. † E Biochemistry
1989 RADM Grace Murray Hopper, Ph.D. † R  Computer Science
1989 Alice S. Huang, Ph.D. R Microbiology, Virology
1989 Sally K. Ride , Ph.D. † R Physics
1989 Dr. Muriel A. Thompson R  
1989 Dr. Ruth F. Hovde (posthumous award) † E  
1989 Dr. Jean E. Simmons E  Botany
1988  Maxine F. Singer, Ph.D. R  Molecular Biology
1988 Barbara Hotham Iglewski, Ph.D. R Microbiology, Immunology
1988 Carolyn Berdanier, Ph.D. R  Food and Nutrition
1988 Mary L. Good, Ph.D. R Inorganic Chemistry
1988 Jewell Plummer Cobb, Ph.D. R Cancer Biology
1988 Frances O. Kelsey, M.D., Ph.D. R  Pharmacology
1987 Rita R. Colwell, Ph.D. R Environmental Microbiology
1987 Barbara McClintock, Ph.D. † R  Cytogenetics (1983 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine)
1987 Thressa Campbell Stadtman, Ph.D. R  Biochemistry
1986 Jean E. Brenchley, Ph.D. R  Microbiology, Biotechnology
1986 Nell I. Mondy, Ph.D. † R Biochemistry
1986 Marion A. Brooks-Wallace, Ph.D. † R  Entomology
1985  E. Margaret Burbidge, Ph.D. R  Astrophysics
1985  Anna J. Harrison, Ph.D. † R  Organic Chemistry
1982 Hellen Linkswiler, Ph.D. † R Nutrition
1982 Nina Matheny Roscher, Ph.D. R Chemistry
1980 Marjorie C. Caserio, Ph.D. R  Chemistry
1980 Janet W. Hartley R  Immunology
1980 Elizabeth Cavert Miller, Ph.D. † R  Oncology
1979 Dorothy Quiggle † R  Chemical Engineering
1979 Ruth Pike, Ph.D. † R  Nutrition
1978 Margery C. Carlson, Ph.D. † R  Botany
1978  H. Roberta Hafkesbring, Ph.D. R  Physiology
1978 Mary Louise Robbins, Ph.D. R  Microbiology
1978 Rosalyn S. Yalow, Ph.D. † R  Medical Physics (1977 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine)
1977 Ariel C. Hollinshead, Ph.D. R  Pharmacology, Immunotherapy
1977  May S. Reynolds, Ph.D. R  Biochemsitry and Nutrition
1977 Elizabeth K. Weisburger, Ph.D. R  Carcinogen Metabolism, Toxicology
1976  Flemmie P. Kittrell, Ph.D. † R  Nutrition
1975 Charlotte M. Young, Ph.D. † R  Nutrition
1974  Margaret Pittman, Ph.D. † R  Bacteriology
1974 Mary Alice McWhinnie, Ph.D. † R  Biology
1973 Chien Shiung Wu, Ph.D. † R  Physics
1973  Elizabeth McCoy, Ph.D. † R  Bacteriology
1973 Dorothy M. Horstmann, Ph.D. † R  Epidemiology, Virology, Pediatrics
1973 Esther M. Greisheimer, M.D. † R Anesthesiology, Cardiology
1972 Florence I. Metz † R  
1971  Jeannette Piccard, Ph.D. † R  High-altitude Balloonist
1971 Rebecca Lancefield, Ph.D. † R  Microbiology
1971  Virginia Apgar, M.D. † R Obstetrical anesthesiology, Neonatology
1971 Katherine Van Winkle Palmer, Ph.D. † R  Paleontology, Geology
1971 Mina Rees, Ph.D. † R  Mathematics
1970 Marion E. Webster, Ph.D. † R  Bacteriology
1969 Jane Marie Leichsenring, Ph.D. † R  Nutrition
1967 Mary Elizabeth Reid, Ph.D. † R  Nutrition
1967 Dame Kathleen Lonsdale † R  Crystallography
1967 Helen Hart, Ph.D. † R Plant Pathology
1967 Bernice Eddy, Ph.D. † R  Virology, Epidemiology
1966 Helen T. Parsons, Ph.D. † R  Nutrition
1966 Winifred Goldring † R  Paleontology
1966 Irene Corey Diller, Ph.D. R  Cytology, Cell Biology
1965  Anna Rachel Whiting, Ph.D. † R  Genetics
1965  Mary E. Maver † R  
1965 Helen M. Dyer, Ph.D. † R  Biochemistry, Cancer Research
1965 Mary Dora Rogick, Ph.D. (posthumous award) † R  Zoology
1964 Lela V. Barton, Ph.D. † R  Plant Biology
1963 Margaret Mead, Ph.D. † R  Cultural Anthropology
1963 Mary Agnes Chase † R  Botany
1963 Mary I. Bunting (Smith), Ph.D. † R  Microbiology
1963 Zada M. Cooper (posthumous award) † R  Pharmacy
1959 Louise A. Boyd † R  Geography, Explorer
1957 Mary Louisa Willard, Ph.D. † R  Chemistry
1956 Eloise Gerry, Ph.D. † R  Biology
1951 Edith H. Quimby † R Medical Physics
1951 Katharine B. Blodgett, Ph.D. † R  Physics
1950  Mary L. Sherrill, Ph.D. † R  Chemistry
1949 Lillian M. Gilbreth, Ph.D. † R  Industrial/Organizational Psychology
1949 Madge Thurlow Macklin, M.D. † R  Genetics, Physiology
1943 Florence B. Seibert, Ph.D. † R  Biochemistry
1941 Sophia Hennion Eckerson † R  Botant, Microchemsitry
1941 Edith Marion Patch, Ph.D. † R  Entomology
1939 Jane Sands Robb, M.D. † R  Cardiology, Physiology
1934  Emma P. Carr, Ph.D. † R  Spectroscopy
1934 Frances Wick, Ph.D. † R  Physics
1931 Bertha Van Hoosen, M.D. † R  Obstetrics, Gynecology
1931 Cornelia M. Clapp, Ph.D. † R  Zoology
1931 Annie Jump Cannon † R  Astronomy
1931 Margaret C. Ferguson, Ph.D. † R  Botany
1931 Anna Pell Wheeler, Ph.D. † R  Mathematics
1931 Maud Slye † R  Pathology
1931 Alice Hamilton, M.D. † R  Toxicology and Occupational Health
1931 Alice C. Evans † R  Microbiology
1926 Florence R. Sabin, M.D. † R  Histolo

National GWIS Certificates for Outstanding Service to Sceince Award Recipients

Key: * = also received Honorary Membership Award;  †= deceased

This was a special category of recognition to older members of GWIS. In 1950, five members, all over eighty years old, were awarded Certificates for Outstanding Service to Science. This practice was continued through 1953, when the National Council concluded that these awards constituted a second category of Honorary Membership and they were discontinued.


Year Name Reason
1953 Laura Florence† C
1953 Elda Rema Walke† C
1953 Leva Belle Walker† C
1952 Emma Perry Carr*† C
1952 Alice Catherine Evans*† C
1952 Sophia Satina† C
1952 Maud Slye*† C
1952 Ruby Green Smith† C
1952 Ella Woods† C
1951 Martha Doan† C
1951 Sophia H. Eckerson*† C
1951 Alice Foster† C
1951 Stella Hague† C
1951 Rosalie Parr† C
1951 Laetitia M. Snow† C
1951 Bertha Van Hoosen*† C
1950 Margaret Clay Ferguson*† C
1950 Alice Hamilton*† C
1950 Vida Latham† C
1950 Ruth Marshall† C
1950 Florence R. Sabin*† C
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